Thursday, March 4, 2021

Woven cotton panties (knickers) Mid-raise High leg Sewing Pattern

I want to make my own panty but most of the pattern require 'knitted fabric' which is the pretty one does not sale in 1 or 2 yards in the place where I live. After a long time of searching for easy but comfort panties pattern with woven cotton fabric, I made it myself. 

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

The pattern is come in 3 sizes i.e., S,M,L. Size S is recommend for hip under 32"(80cm), M for hip under 39"(100cm), L for hip under 44" (110cm).

This blog and YouTube clip is tutorial for how to make it.

This woven cotton panties pattern is look small fluffy and tiny but use fabric length almost 1 yards for size L and around 1/2 yards for size S and M.

How to sew Woven Cotton Panties

Part1: Print and make the pattern

1. Print the pattern with the page size setting in printer setting is set as 'Actual size'

2. Check the printed pattern with your ruler.


3. Arrange the printed below and join all pages with tape.













4. Cut the pattern in your size. (S,M,L)



5. Layout pattern on the fabric and cut it. Please note that the pattern included seam allowance.


Part2: Sewing

1. Sew gussets with the back piece. Put the right side of gusset together. Put the back piece between the gussets and sew with 0.7 cm or 1/4" seam allowance.


2. Sew the gusset with the front side. With the back piece right side up, put the front piece right side up between the gusset and sew with 1/4" seam allowance.


3. Turn inside out



4. Sew the side with 3/8" seam allowance. You can any types of seams e.g., zig-zag or Serger but I prefer flat felled seam. For flat felled seam, trim one side of seam allowance about half the width of the other seam allowance. Fold the wider seam allowance over the narrower one. Press and sew on the edge.


5. Cut elastic width 0.5 cm 1 pcs for waist and elastic width 0.3 cm 2 pcs for leg hole.


6. Tie elastic in loop


7. Double fold leg hole hem 3/8" and sew elastic along the leg hole (both sides). Keep push elastic to the side so you not sew over the elastic.



 8. Double fold waist hem 3/8" and sew elastic along the waist. Keep push elastic to the side so you not sew over the elastic.


Finish 😊

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