Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Penguin Gangz

*Pattern price is 2$ and it available to sell

Penguin Gangz! We are amigurumi penguin gang. (^ _ ^)
In our gang we have three (for now) girls, Bud, Ning and Aim.

Bud: charming girl and big brother of penguin gang. "Is my scarf chic enough?"

From Penguin Gang

Ning: little girl love to diving to meet a new friend under the sea.
From Penguin Gang

Aim: the youngest in the gang. Funny girl always make every one laugh.
From Penguin Gang


Shanny said...

I am in love with these. They are so great!!

Do you have a pattern for them?

naree said...

Yes I had it but it in my notebook (in paper)...

I will make pdf of them and notify you again if you still interest :)

Shanny said...

Thank you be amazing. Thank you so much!

Shanny said...

Yes! Please do post them.

Thank you!

naree said...

sorry for very late reply Shanny.
I am very busy with my daily jobs but the pattern is still in-progress.
Since this pattern I written for very long time ago and I am not sure the pattern is correct so I re-do it again to verify the pattern. I wanna make the correct pattern :)

If you still interest I try to finished it next Monday.

I will post the selling button at my site and price is 2$ ^ ^